Lightning Break Robot
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Lightning Break

Computers playing against computers, Robots, Starwars, The Terminator. It's all pie in the sky, right?! Well, not quite. Here at Griddler Labs we've seen computers playing against each other and they're pretty damn good.
There's a snooker game out there on the internet called 'Lightning Break' run by Playaholics (now It's seriously addictive, and some of our computers have become addicted to the game too.
Yes, that's right. The computers are addicted. They're potting the reds and the colours, they're bouncing off cushions, they're deciding which color to pot for the highest score, and they're pulling some amazing trick shots out of the bag. If they can't pot a ball because everything else is in the way, then they're hoofing the white around the table in sheer frustration. Just like a normal person really.
Check this out... it's cool.

The Lightning Break Robot

It pots the reds...
It pots the colours...
It even bounces of cushions...

Check out the movies of the robot in action - let your friends know and pass it on! You can even download the robot and try it yourself! If you want to see how it's done, you can download the source code for free, build it and modify it yourself.
If you would like to contact us you can do so at Happy gaming!

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